Reflections of the Class of 1965

By Sandy Button

It seems almost impossible,
that 50 years flew by so fast.
But “Thank God for Facebook”;
we've found our classmates from the past.

Our locations have been widespread,
our Professions much the same.
There are far too many
to list them all by name.

Some of us are advocates
for Causes, Hopes and Cures;
This comes from what some of us
and our loved ones have endured.

School “Dress Codes” sure are not the same,
as when we were in our teens;
When girls' were not allowed to wear
their skirts above their knees.

We only had our Teachers;
there were no Teachers' Aides.
It was their job to teach us
and on our papers mark our grades.

Our Proms were held inside our school,
not several miles away.
And they weren't held so early,
but in the latter part of May.

We all vividly remember,
how a President lost his life;
As his motorcade drove through Dallas,
and he was sitting beside his wife.

We had “one” Graduation;
with pride, our class walked through that door.
It wasn't something we'd been through
five other grades before.

Little did we know back then,
when U.S. Troops were called from home;
That in the War in Vietnam,
we'd lose one of our own.

As we gather here together,
and reminisce about our youth;
The age in which we all grew up,
was the best and that's the truth!

We valued education,
and had fun along the way;
We knew hard work and dedication,
was a foundation that would pay.

We're now the “Older Generation”;
we'll be the next to pass.
One thing we want to keep in mind,
is that we had an “AWESOME” Class!