Class of 1965 Scrapbook

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Mrs. Proctor / Miss Demer / ??? Mr. Virtue Ron Westcott / Dawn Marshman Sandy Gathany
Judy M, Margie, Diane, Linda Future Buttons at the prom Miss Demer Mr. Bajkowski Mr. Schmick
Linda, Diane, Margie New York Trip John Coyne On the ferry Linda and Linda
Getting off the bus Connie, Nancy, Sharon, Linda Dave & Connie Connie Fletcher Joan, Shirley, Barb, Connie
Barb Tingley Connie Fletcher Gary Williams at Old Mill Village Kathy Cole with siblings Judy, Sue and Alan Volleyball Stars
Barb Tingley, Julie and Janet Griffin Dave Humbert Gary Williams and his Mom Don Jackson and his Dad Kathy Russell
Connie Fletcher Barb Tingley, Julie Griffin, Linda Aldrich, Karen Wilmarth, Jane Rogers, Shirley Myers, Barbara Wiseman, Dena Taylor, Linda Follet Julie Griffin, Barry Rounds, Barb, Calvin Clapper Barb Tingley Dave H. and sister Louise
Hallstead Hillbillies Janice Tingley 6th Grade Methodist Church Rocky Glen Christmas TV Ranch Club
Injured at 14 - Gary Williams Who's the Strongman Swimming at Little Rocky Glenn Hear, Speak, See no Evil Linda Flynn
Mike Peck, Sharon Galloway Lillian Davies, Gary Williams, Richard& Dale Jess Mr Soop Resigns New Milford Play Autographs New Milford Play Credits
Jim Babcock, Margie Tingley Noel Dahlander, Sharon Galloway Tony Tomeo, Margie Tingley Noel Dahlander, Jay Blatchley, Bob Jackson Kate & Pook - Rocky Glen
Margie Tingley, Sharon Galloway Tony Tomeo, Alan Walker Kathy Thornton Frank Callahan & Margie Linda Lewis, Jerry Cox, Tony Tomeo, Gene Lindsey, Paul Donohue, Richard Lewis
Margie & Diane Gary Margie Kate & Pook Skip & Linda in Reggie Wood's plane.

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