Samuel Finley Breese Morse


Our family tradition always held that we were cousins with Samuel F. B. Morse. In fact my mother claimed that her father was a seventh cousin to the telegraph inventor. My early investigations failed to prove a relationship and it was only years later that I got confirmation of a common ancestor, eleven generations back. I was skeptical that the relationship even existed. Finally, after connecting with a Morse family genealogist, I got the confirmed lineage. Much to my surprise Samuel was a 6th cousin to Calvin Morse, my grandfather’s grandfather. This would make Jesse Morse a sixth cousin, twice removed. Much closer to the legend than I expected. The lineage, starting with Samuel Morse, our common ancestor follows:

Samuel Morse (b. 1587 – d. 1654) - Most recent common ancestor

Joseph (b. 1615)


Anthony (b. 1606)

Samuel (b. 1639)

1st cousins

Lt. Anthony

Joshua (b. 1679)

2nd cousins

Peter (b. 1677)

Ebenezer (b. 1717)

3rd cousins

John (b. 1699)

John (b. 1746)

4th cousins

Jedidiah (b. 1726)

John (b. 1773)

5th cousins

Jedidiah (b. 1761)

Calvin (b. 1806)

6th cousins

Samuel F. B. (b. 1791)

Sidney (b. 1837)

6th cousins once removed


Jesse (b. 1868)

6th cousins twice removed


Lula (b. 1912)

6th cousins thrice removed