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The first annual Tri-State Circle Lunch.

I've had the good fortune to meet my personal hero this year (2000).  Meeting him once in my life was all I was hoping for but this year I managed to meet Duane and Deed twice and now list them among my "personal" friends.  They are incredible people and not at all like you would expect world class celebrities to be.  Anyway, here's the stories about my two visits with Duane: 

900 Miles

Gretsch Guitar Show

Lost Friend  (809k) - This is an audio sample of my new Gretsch 6120DEO.  It is an mp3 of a Duane Eddy favorite of mine, "Lost Friend" and is kind of special because it includes Kari on the flute and Joey on drums.  This is also our first attempt at an all live recording.  Everything we've done in the past has relied on computer controlled MIDI parts such as drums, strings etc.

Easy  (765k) - Another sample.  This time it's the Danelectro 6-String Bass and the song is "Easy" from Duane's "The Twangs, The Thang" album.  It features the Dano as lead, Fender P-Bass, Korg Symphony (voices), Alesis NanoPiano (piano), Yamaha TX81Z (Sax) and Joey Sabina on Drums.  It was recorded on a Fostex VF-16 digital recorder.

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