Air Anti-Submarine Squadron Forty-Two


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The squadron patch was designed by Virginia Rumfelt, wife of Milo who passed away a few years ago.
Official squadron picture taken early summer 1962.

Some Pictures from Ed Elkins

July 16, 1962 - The last flight in VS-42. Cdr. Bean, Elkins, Borg, Cdr. Gilles
VS-42 Aircraft taxiing
VS-42 Aircraft before squadron markings
Can anybody supply the missing names? Cdr. Bean, Mitchell, ?, Elkins, ?, ?, ?
Cdr. Bean & Elkins - 16 January, 62

Thanks to Gordon Ward

VS-42 Hangar. Gordon also supplied a much better version of the squadron photo above.

Selected pages from the 1962 NAS Quonset Pt Directory

The official commissioning ceremony in hanger LP-1, 25 Sep 1961.
VS-42's first "Stoof" arrives.
Although I never got to sea while in VS-42, the "Champ" and the Essex were our neighbors for a year.
Who could forget where we lived?  This was billed as a "typical" wing of the enlisted barracks in the 1962 Quonset Point Guide and Directory.
General Mess..  "Dining area has CPO, PO1 & WAVE sections."
I spent a lot of time in the hobby shop and in fact, that's me in dress blues with my back to the camera.

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