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Chapter A - Settlement and Geography Chapter E - Organizations and Societies Chapter J - Taverns, Hotels and Restaurants
  The Settlement of New Milford   New Milford Lodge No. 507 F.& A. M.   Stages Stopped at the Turnpike Taverns
  1810 Township Map   Gill Chapter No. 12, O.E.S.   Food, Beverages and Refreshments
  1830 Township Mapx   The Rotary Club of New Milford   
  1858 Borough Map   Levi Moss Post No. 313, G.A.R. Chapter K - Manufacturing and Crafts
  1855-60 Township Map   Trail Post No. 383, V.F.W.   Water Wheels, Mill Stones, Grist Mills
  1870-75 Borough Map   Troop 90, Boy Scouts of America   Creameries Created Markets for Farmers
  1870-75 Township Map   New Milford Civic Club   Tanneries, First Industries
  1910 Borough Map   New Milford Grange No. 289, P. of H.   Silk Mill Converted Raw Silk
  1910 Township Map   New Milford Junior Guild   Bryant Electric Refrigerator
  1959 Township Map   Parent-Teacher Association   Business Men's Association
  1959 Borough Map   Rebekahs   American Chain Ladder Co.
  Our Geography      Brewer Titchener Corporation
  Creeks, Lakes and Ponds Chapter F - Professional Men   John Foot, Cobbler, First With the Last
  Elevation; Agriculture   Attorneys, Dentists   Weaving, Spinning and Sewing
  Forests and the Lumbering Industry   Physicians   The Tinsmith
  The Stone Industry   Veterinarians   The New Milford Advertiser
  A Personal Recollection of Pioneer Living   Centennial Recollections   New Milford Photographer in 1842
        Woodworking Industries
Chapter B - Our Community Chapter G - Service Businesses and Catastrophies   Cooper Shops
  Our Community   Ownership of the Land   Ingenuity of the Inventors
  Our Artists   Wildlife   
  Park Once the Scene of Band Concerts   Banks, Roberies and Failures Chapter L - Stores and Dealers
  Trees; Men's Progressive Bible Class   The Old Lamplighter   Stores
  Pratt Memorial Library Association   Springs, Wells and Water Company   Drovers and Stock Dealers
  New Milford Cornet Band   New Milford Police Barrack's Association   Farm Machinery Dealers
  Drama   Fires and Fire Fighting   Pack Peddlers and Dealers
  The Opera House   A List of Disasterous Fires   Meat Your Needs Said Butchers
  Sidewalks; The Temperance Movement   Columbia Hose Co. No. 1   Jewlers and Watch Repair Shops
  The Student Loan Fund   The Ladies' Auxiliary   
  The 1906 Homecoming Celebration   Floods, Storms and Other Catastrophies Chapter M - Construction in New Milford
  Our Centennial Celebration   The Typhoid Epidemic   Construction
  Writing Our History   Centennial Recollections   
     Insurance has Protected Homes, etc. Chapter N - Miscellaneous Businesses
Chapter C - Education and Religion   The Swimming Pool   Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
  Education      Bobbed Hair and Beauty Parlors
  New Milford High School Alumni Chapter H - Transportation and Communication   Funeral Directors
  Religion   Ox Trails to Turnpikes   Camp Susquehanna for City Boys
  St. Mark's Episcopal Church   The Harness Maker Gave His Awl   Small Agricultural Enterprises
  First Presbyterian Church   Horses Pulled the Careening Stage Coaches   Manufacturers, Printers, Businesses
  Methodism in New Milford   Many Kept Busy in the Carting Business   
  St. John's Roman Catholic Church   Renting Rigs from the Livery Stables   Chapter P - Sports and Recreation
  First Baptist Church   Horse Trading, Racing and Work   Blue Ridge Sportsmen of New Milford
  South New Milford Baptist Church   Black Smiths, Wagonmakers and Founders   Susquehanna County Federation
  Lakeside Methodist Church   The Romantic Times of Railroading   Baseball
  Lakeside Community Church   Heating Has Had Many Changes   When the Circus Came to Town
     Coal and Other Trucking   Bicycle Riding and Horseshoe Pitching
Chapter D - Our Local Government   Hay Once a Cash Crop   Amusement and Recreation
  Township Supervisors   Harvesting Ice in Winter   
  Borough Councilmen   Post Rider, Stage Coach Gave Mail Service Chapter R - Our Cemeteries
  Township Constables, Auditors, etc.   Radio and T.V. and Outside World   
  Borough Burgesses, Constables, etc.   Chattering Key of the Telegraph Chapter S - Biographies
  Borough School Directors   Telephones Brought People Together   
  Township School Directors   Garages and Gas Stations   
  Township Clerks, Treasurers, etc.   Bus Service to Nearby Towns   
  The Destruction of the Virgin Forests