Delaware, Lackawanna and Western

Railroad Historical Society

Genealogical Information

The Society does not maintain or have access to former employee records.

Two possible contacts that might be of help are:

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board via their web site

The Railroad Retirement Board was and is to railroad employees as the Social Security Administration to non-railroad employees. Look under the "Public" menu for genealogical resource information.

Another possible source for former DL&W Railroad employees is to contact Pat McKnight the Archivist/Historian at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Mr. McKnight has a limited number of former employee records as part of the Steamtown collection.

You can contact Mr. Mcknight via email at:

We wish you well with your research and if you find out something interesting about your relative and their work on the Lackawanna, we would be glad to hear about it. The human side of railroading is all too often neglected. The Lackawanna wouldn't have been a great railroad without its employees.